About Me

Experienced, Dedicated & Successful

I have had the privilege of partnering with hundreds of practices, providers, and staff in the medical aesthetics industry for over 23 years. I have a unique perspective of the industry, as I have been both a staff member in an aesthetic practice and a consultant helping practices reach their maximum potential. I provided an administrative role in a busy, multi-physician plastic surgery practice & med-spa for many years, and later worked as a Practice Management Consultant for leading companies in the aesthetic industry to include Mentor Solutions, a Johnson & Johnson company.

I speak with providers every day who are frustrated because their current income does not match their expertise, education, or experience. Other providers I meet do not enjoy, or simply do not know, the business or operational side of the profession. Still, others may have a successful practice and are looking to maintain their competitive advantage through staff development.

I have helped practices across the country rethink how to run their business to improve performance, enhance productivity, and drive profitable growth. I am especially passionate about patient engagement and the patient experience, and have even written a bestselling book on the subject!

Ashley lives in Colorado with her husband, dogs, and horses ~ aka “the kids.” When she’s not traveling, she can usually be found cooking (she’s a self-proclaimed foodie!), reading, hanging with friends, or enjoying the great outdoors.

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