The Cosmetic Patient Progression Lifecycle: Stage 3 ~ Action

Note: This is the 3rd article in the Cosmetic Patient Progression Lifecycle series. If you missed previous articles, click here to access.

As we have been discussing in this series, the absolute easiest way to fine-tune practice processes and enhance patient engagement is by compartmentalizing the patient journey with your practice into ‘buckets,’ or stages, and then define key elements within each stage that can be used to propel the patient toward the path of making a buying decision with you. In marketing terms, this is known as your funnel.

Your goal is to attract, engage and support patients at each stage in your funnel. Your messaging at each stage will be different as the practice/patient relationship evolves.

There are seven primary stages in the Cosmetic Patient Progression Lifecycle: Discovery, Initiation, Action, Strategy, Commitment, Implementation, & Community. This article focuses on the 3rd stage ~ Action.

Action – At this stage, the patient has decided to take action and make an appointment with your practice. The appointment could be for a Consultation or a Non-Surgical Procedure (laser procedure, fillers, facial, etc).

It is important to remember here that just because a patient or client makes an appointment, it does not mean they will show up! We must keep the patient engaged during this time, especially if you are unable to accommodate the patient’s timeframe for the appointment.

I’ve listed here a few ideas for keeping the patient engaged:

  • Send nicely appointed collateral for the patient to view prior to their appointment to include: information on their procedure of interest, information on the provider/practice/spa, or a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Looking Forward to Meeting You!’ letter, email, or text.
  • Encourage the patient to visit your website to view Before & After photos, procedure information, and online videos.
  • Invite the patient to read Reviews and Testimonials on your website or other platforms via an email or text link. Include Testimonials in your Welcome packet. This helps to establish social proof to the patient and promotes confidence in you, as their provider, for their upcoming procedure. If possible, provide only Testimonials relevant to their procedure of interest.
  • Encourage the patient to follow you on Facebook or other social media platforms to keep up with the latest trends & news. Let them know you often have ‘flash sales’ on products and services dedicated specifically to your social media followers.
  • Send relevant blogs you have written to the patient to further position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Ensure the patient has your name and direct contact information should they have additional questions prior to their consultation appointment. Staff should provide phone, email, and text (if applicable) to ensure the practice is meeting the patient’s preferred method of communication.

These are just a few excellent ways to further establish your practice as an industry leader and begin lifelong relationships with prospective patients. Like to continue the conversation? Feel free to click here and leave a message on our Contact Us form, or simply reach out via phone.

Interested to see how your staff handles initial phone calls from prospective patients? Click here and type“Free TSS” in the Contact box. Your practice will be secret shopped by phone within2 business days. You will then be provided with a complimentary 30-minute call to review findings and receive strategic & proven recommendations.

Be on the lookout for next week’s post when we take a delve into Stage 4 ~ Strategy.

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