6 Social Media ‘Musts’ to Implement in Your Aesthetic Practice Today

Social Media is proving to be the next frontier for aesthetic practices and, for better or worse, is rapidly growing as the “go-to” for patients considering cosmetic surgery or other non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Social media platforms are an excellent way to attract attention, promote your business and services, and separate yourself from all the other providers we know the “consumer patient” is researching.  It also ensures your practice is meeting patients where they congregate. The good news is any practice can begin doing social media outreach immediately — and it doesn’t have to break the bank to do so! Here are 6 proven ways to get noticed by prospective patients without spending a dime!

    • Build your email list by offering access to a weekly blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Post relevant news and helpful information on all platforms to establish credibility & social proof
    • Post a ‘flash sale’ on your social media platforms offering an exclusive discount on a procedure or product for patients that call in and book or buy ‘within the hour’
    • Use social media platforms to invite patients to live social media events hosted by a physician or staff member.  Facebook Live is very popular and is a great way to engage patients, both new and established.  Facebook tweaked its algorithms in 2016 to show live video broadcasts higher up in people’s news feeds.  Most social networks are projected to be 100% video in the next half-decade (Fortune Magazine, June 2016).  So be a pioneer and start Video & Live streaming now!
    • Video topics are endless and could include ‘behind the scenes’ segments, information on an exciting new injectable you are offering, a walk through the office’s retail area, a tour of the procedure or OR rooms (no patients of course – must comply with HIPAA regulations!).
    • Encourage social sharing and increase followers by sharing a live post with incentives.  For instance, you might video the unpacking of a new shipment of skincare products that just arrived and offer one lucky viewer the opportunity to be placed in a raffle to receive a jar of the new “Magic Skin Cream” just by liking & replying to the post. Or even better – by sharing the post!  Social sharing gets your practice in front of many new patient prospects very quickly. It is very much the new word of mouth.

These are just a few excellent ways to establish your practice as an industry leader, drive organic traffic, and engage your patient community.

To your success! 

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